Chocolate Covered Cherries

1 stick softened butter
1 can sweetened and condensed milk
2 lbs powdered sugar (one bag)

Mix butter, milk, and ½ the powdered sugar with a mixer. Then you need to mix the rest of the sugar by your hands. Knead it like bread. Cut this into 2 or 3 log shapes and wrap in plastic wrap and put into the freezer. Take 2 jars of extra large mar chino cherries with stems chilled and drained well pat dry with paper towels. Wrap a small amount of the white mixture around each cherry. You need to work with the white stuff to make it pliable to wrap around the cherries, form them round then put the wrapped cherries on waxed paper that is on a cookie sheet and freeze; Dip the frozen cherries into the chocolate mixture, which is 2 unsweetened squares of chocolate, 1 -12 oz package of chocolate chips and about one 2 inch square of paraffin wax then let sit in a cool area!!!

*Recipe from unknown source.

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